How to not get caught in plagiarism

So here are the solutions of two people from my very own college who used to cheat in most of the contest (I can definitely verify that) but never get caught. I am posting two of their solutions where they just changes the variable names and changed some indentation and did NOT get caught in plagiarism. Here:

They even used int in one code and in the other they used long int to pass the MOSS. This kind of behaviour is totally unjust for people who work hard for their rating to rise but such people just cheat and get the spot. Kindly do some justice here @admin @vijju123

these cheap trics will not help them in real life ,they will not get really sucess with this ,it will not benifit them in any way . you should not be demotivated with this .keep on grinding and you will get the result in the end.

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Dude, its a code of 2017. The moss process underwent major changes since then. Also, please use for these posts - as these posts are useless for community

If you got recent links (not march n april long, their moss is pending) let me know

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