HOw to not leave a piece of code as public

How can i make sure that my code for any problem that i submitted will not left as public ??

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if you are using any online IDE like ideone then make sure you have marked your code as private.

For that you have to create a account on ideone.

The problem with online pastebins like ideone is that it shows your submission URL in the list of recent codes. Also, anyone who knows the URL of your code can access it. If you set the code as secret, it will not be shown on the recent codes list, but the code is still accessible through the URL. If you have an account on ideone and set the code to private, then without logging in with that account, the code cannot be accessed. As far as codechef is concerned, your submission will remain non-public here(until the end of the contest) :slight_smile:


If you are talking about ideone, then first make an account on ideone.

alt text

Then click on the mentioned button and congo you are invisible…!! I mean your code will visible only to users who log-in from your account… :slight_smile:

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hey have a look at this -

this is a chrome extension for making sure that you are using ideone as private

Extension for making sure you make private submissions on Ideone

here is the firefox version of this :-


Have happy and safe code :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Finally someone understood the question :wink:

thank you :wink:

on codechef not on ideone.

code on “jdoodle” it is an online compiler and supports all languages just try once and you love it for sure

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Though I prefer codechef ide as I am used to it… but people say jdoodle is fast :slight_smile:

nope u can’t hide that

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