How to practice , Topicwise Problems or Rating wise?

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I was bit in confusion with regard to practicing problems. Shall I do it Topicwise or shall I try to do it on Rating basis.

Could someone please suggest some ladders or list or compiled topicwise question to practice?


Rating wise .

Topic-wise will not help much you as most of the problems in the contest are based on an array , the map, strings only , greedy only which do not require any data structure and algorithm much.

I wasted my 1 year trying to practice Data structures problems /topic wise but the thing is I was not able to solve even easy ones which came in contest which donot rquire any DSA . :cry: :cry: :cry:

The last 2 problems of the contest are based on data structures which are tough (very less submissions).But to reach there you need to solve first 4-5 problems which are not based on DSA , only arrays/string +you also need speed+accuracy

Similarly in Codeforces - A B C div 2 problems are based on arrays/strings only .
D ,E F are based on DSA like graph ,trees etc

So solve using Ratings .

I will suggest you to solve Div 2 Codeforces A B C problems only above your difficuly level .Your target should be div 2 C .It will take some time ,but practice is only key ,it will take a lot of time.

You should practice like this -set difficulty 1300-1500(Your level will be around this only ) and start solving in decreasing order of submission.

Also watch this video by Legend Utkarsh gupta [Redcoder] -INDIA===>

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Thanks @ayush29azad for such a detailed roadmap for the same. As you mentioned It seems like I was more focusing in DSA part and it really didn’t help in performing good at the Codeforces rounnds.

I will change my study plan as per your suggestion now, and try to grind the problem based on Rating Only.

Thanks a lot for sharing the screenshot and the video as well…

Happy Coding! :man_technologist: :blush:

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