How to register as a Junior

I made a CodeChef account and I am in high school right now. Do I need to register myself separately as a junior to take part in competitions specifically for high schoolers or do I continue with my existing account? I have a rating of 1429(not much I know, I just started).

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There is no junior or senior, just use any account and start coding and make sure you manage your time well along with your studies and JEE preparation.

Yee my profile is also not showing junior
Rating what should I do…??

You just have to specify your school name in the institution section of your profile and then after participating in any rated contest, you will see a junior rating graph in your profile.


At least don’t make this discussion toxic, It is not necessary that every school student will prepare for JEE, there are alternatives too! Please don’t act like the most stereotypical person in the society who pressurizes every single student whom they meet to prepare for JEE, some students prefer to bring medals for their country in IOI and study in better institutions than “IIT” .
And by your JEE remark in your comment, I don’t think you know about IOI as the only thing you know would be JEE, so you can check out IOI’s website: IOI: International Olympiad in Informatics

Don’t get me wrong but at least please stop asking school students on Codechef to prepare for JEE. :pray:


There is nothing toxic I said bro, I was talking about time management, As coding is very addictive like pubg sometimes we ruin other important stuff /acdemics also. Everyone should try to prepare for the ICPC /google code jam and have a desire to do something for the country as in our country there is is no environment for that at early age but he was not telling him to prepare for JEE . Yo misread it .

study in better institutions than “IIT”. Have you ever studied at IIT ??? Its such a prestigious institution and one of the best minds study there and most of them have rating above 4*. Please stop comparing it with western colleges. People from IIT participate regularly in ICPC. Stop defaming this prestigious institution by comparing it . A person who studies at IIT can only understand the importance of it what that college is.

Yes I should have not written that JEE thing (ie exams),I agree but please stop being an emotional fool .I don’t know what you people behave in such manner …"pehele country ke liye gold medal ke liye baat karo fir IIT ko doosre international colleges see compare karo "

And by the way If you have a problem with IIT if you were not able to clear it . you can watch this any time “Journey of a Red Coder from IIT Kharagpur | International Master(2300+) Codeforces | 7 star Codechef - YouTube”
# International Master(2300+) Codeforces | 7 star Codechef.
Learn from the Legendary Indian Coders from IIT Roorkee: Vaibhav, Saharsh, Adarsh - YouTube
Hope your views might change

Thank You .


Is this account an alt?


Yes I got blocked yesterday for few days .As I discussed something about on going challenge on forum about a question ,apology for that …

First decide if you are Ayush or someone else :joy: lol

My question is how you assumed him to be a JEE aspirant?

IIT is the most prestigious Institute of India, I admit that, but do you think the JEE exam does justification? Will someone who is a 7* coder on Codechef, GM on Codeforces, as a school student will he be able to get Computer Science using these achievements?

I never said that IITs are bad! NEVER! IITs are dream for many and it’s amazing.
This way my friends have more rating and are better than IITians :roll_eyes: and the most important thing, they are not spoon-fed by teachers and neither they are doing it for getting a job at Google. We are doing it as a passion, we like it!

Why do IITians get into Google which is a foreign company, why not Micromax? The answer to this question is same as to why getting into International Universities after getting gold medal for your own country.

If I misread it, misreading was better, first you assumed him to be a PCM student, then you assumed him to be JEE aspirant and then you assumed that I misread it. But that’s what you wanted to say. Prepare for JEE.

It seems like the only thing you have learnt for real life is “Assuming”. I didn’t asked you to compare IITs with International Institutes, but I asked you to compare good Indian Institutes like CMI with IIT (Oh here we go again :man_facepalming: Only thing you know is IIT) CMI - Chennai Mathematical Institute and believe me CMI is far more better than IITs for research.
Now I am sure that you will search for placements on their websites. :joy:
Placement is definitely not the best way to compare colleges, as the aim of CMI and IITs are totally different.

And when it comes to comparing Indian Institutes with foreign institutes, I will and there is nothing wrong, when someone wins medal for their country and the country in turn doesn’t provide seats to the medalist in top institutes, though his achievements are better than the best IIT CPer and that too without any teacher and some other country offers to study in the best institute of their country then definitely the medalist will go to that country to stsudy and remember, by studying in foreign institutes, you don’t become foreigner in your own country!
I don’t think it is wrong for Indian IOI Gold medalist to study abroad because Indian Education System needs a lot of improvements. Just have a look at USA’s IOI team, you will understand what I want to say.
And BTW have a look at the Codeforces leaderboard, there are a lot of school students on the top, and they know that IIT is not their cup of tea because it requires tremendous amount of hard work over years which they spent preparing for IOI. [I know few of them, I am not assuming like you], they will/ have opted for better foreign institutes or if not they have gone for research based institutes like CMI. Let me also tell you that people in IITs are mostly job oriented but most of the CPers like to go on research side of Computer Science.

A person who studies at MiT can only understand the importance of it what that college is. :wink:
Have you heard about MiT? Can’t compare MiT with IIT but can you search for a person who has achievements in maths and got admission in CS?
And by the way you must know the fact that JEE AIR 1 chose MiT over IIT, and there also based on his achievements he got Physics and Mathematics (Is that even a branch in IIT :thinking: Probably it is) but who goes in that branch in IITs, do the top rankers of JEE go in Maths and Physics branch :thinking: No, no, no that’s for low rankers, there is no placement in that branch, all the excuses come :man_shrugging: . So yea :slight_smile: All the best
And yea, I am 2 years away from that day when I will be eligible to give JEE.

Why? Is it wrong to expect something better?

I don’t want to spread hatred towards any exam/ institute or whatever, I respect all the IITians, at the end they have reached there after a long hustle.

My view: Prepare for JEE if you want, but not because of pressure. Indian Education System needs a change because many people who study in IIT CS branch don’t have much information regarding programming and all and people get seat based on their ranks in JEE, I don’t think that’s wrong, but the thing that school students who can do better with those teachers in CS don’t get seat. IITians are great, they are inspirations for many and most of them can do anything (for getting a job at FAANG companies).

Thank you for reading,
Manan :blush:


I am concentrating on my skills and all-around development rather than just studying all day and aspiring for a single institution. Aspiring for an institution like IIT is really great but all I am saying is if you just aspire for a college and have no introspect in what engineering actually is all about, that’s just dumb.

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Indian Education System is quite monotonous indeed and needs a lot of changes. And you are right, the CS branch in IIT is not all about programming, cuz in foreign institutes they have another branch (Software Engineering) which is better for people who aspire to aim at real-world programming rather than just cramming theory for college exams. Yeah CS kids from IIT get really good placements and they must know a lot of programming but what @ayush29azad needs to know is that how much of that programming is self-taught.

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Dayum, all this talk about IITs and hommie didn’t even remember the first term of being in this discussion form.

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Malvika Mohan Raj is the perfect example that “IIT” tag is not supreme…and JEE is no justiceful…

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