How to report a 'bug' in a problem?

I’ve been looking through some submissions to [Beginner Gudu-on-a-date] and found one which looked nice and passed the tests.
On further testing I saw that it will pass dispite the fact that the 56th ‘round’ number output is 569.
There is also no editorial page (why?) where I could post this issue.

Link to the submission:

Should I just write the author? Is there a feature I am missing?

Please check the discuss before making a statement that there is no editorial. Type the unique code of the problem(in this case KS2 to get the editorial).


I though that the editorial is linked in every problem my mistake.
I will search the problem code not the name next time.

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I did not understand what is the bug in that problem, you are talking about @scorpsy

Nevermind, I misunderstood the problem. @gjaiswal108