How to select problems to practise?

Hello! I am new to CP.

I wanted to ask that how should I select problems for attempting?

Before START54 I was doing problems ~1200. But after that my rating was 1303, so I started doing problems starting 1303. I found them easy enough, so I moved to questions around 1350. Now I have sorted the problems in 1* Adv Level in decreasing order and doing them.

As there are so so many problems, I thought that I should attempt problems with lesser number of submissions. But I found out that rating and number of submissions of a problem are not exactly a measure of how challenging it is going to be for me.

Is this approach correct? Or are we supposed to attempt all the problems on our level?

I am able to get the trick of the question in max to max 10-12 minutes, so should I keep practising these questions or move on to higher rated questions?

Any help would be highly appreciated!


(Please note that I am an absolute beginner, and have no ideas or guidance in CP right now. So if my questions are stupid, then please let me know.)

@i_shubham_jha - continue to practice problems by increasing order of difficulty rating. That is the right approach for beginners.