How to setup vim for CP on Mac

Maybe this is too general question, but I still can not setup vim on my Mac. Can you please send the full tutorial, so I can finally get it. I have been struggling with installing Vim for days, because a lot of content makers show the process of installing in Windows OS or they already have plugins or something else on their Mac. Help me to install and setup vim from zero, please.

Have a good day.

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may I know why specifically you wanna setup VIM ?

why not some more user-friendly and user-interactive editor ?

like VS-code ?

Hello, sir. Yes, you can for sure.

I want to setup Vim for my Mac and use it because I was informed, that I will write and execute code on Vim in regional contest. This contest is very important, and my school can provide only Vim(I asked to install Sublime Text or Clion, but my request was denied). So I really need it.

First, download home brew

Google “how to install home brew in mac”…
once that’s done, then google 'how to install vim in mac using home brew" .

okay, I have downloaded it. But how to set it up?

You better be sitting quiet, man. You literally do not know nothing about Vim Setup on Mac and replied only because I just wanted to text. Do not text, if you can not help.

Not being rude, but this is absolutely true.