How to solve issue with wrong plagiarism case ?



hi, I’m Samarth

In January Long Challenge 2019 I’m able to solve 6/8 problems fully with 100pts …

The issue is I solve the first 3 problems with my previous account and then I deactivate that account because of some reason …

Then I create new account with same email id in codechef (my current account) and submit same solution for first 3 problems that I submit previously with my deactivated account…

Now, all the solutions from January Long challenge was disapperd from solved section of my account …

They mail me for the plagairism than I tell my story to them, so they pardone me…

At that time soluions are shown in my solved section , but now again they disappear from there…

help :frowning:



I talked to him. Most probably it is a manual error where he might have made some mistake while entering username fields for un-disqualification. He has rectified it and asked respective @admin to restore your rating. The reason for no reply was that he is currently taken up by some personal tasks, and hence is on leave. He says he regrets the inconvenience caused.


And what tells you that community can help you here? Mail them back and let them know about your issue.


I do but I got no reply from their side…
So I post here for some help…:frowning:


Thanks! for the help sir :slight_smile: