How to solve more than 2 or 3 problem in contest?

Hi, Myself Dhiraj Kumar currently in 6th sem(CSE),
I have given approax 10 contest on codechef but in long challenge i can solve only 2-3 question and in rest i can merely solve 1 or may be 2 question , I don’t know how to improve it , I got frustrated and thinking that my bad cp is not for me ,so should I leave it or continue?
Please help me …

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Chill out dude and at least give 50+ contests to really know where u stand.
Before that don’t make any assumptions.

Are you sure you’re using all the time you’re provided? (I solved the 4th problem yesterday in the last 6 minutes because I was just staring at my screen for 2 hours trying to figure something out.)
Are you upsolving and/or reading the editorial?
Are you looking up the pre requisites mentioned in each editorial?
Do you know basic DSA and are you comfortable with the language you’re using?
Getting 3* is not a matter of intelligence you just need practice. You’re missing something very basic or not trying harder problems than you’re used to if you’re finding it difficult.


Hi dude, I’m also have this same problem, but only one thing we do …that is keep doing…

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