how to start dynamic programming ?

I am new to advanced topics like Dynamic programming . Please suggest from where to start to have a strong hold in DP problems . Thanks

You should have searched the forum first. There are some great answers here and I’m already trying to follow them. But anyway,


and then solve


You should give a search for this Q here as there are many valuable answers available for this auestion here.

I entered dp by learning algo and concepts from Once you know the standard algo, dp becomes all about optimisations and clever implementation. Initially it feels tough, but it becomes easier once you get into it and start having a feel of concepts. :slight_smile:


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DP is an important topic in coding competitions. No matter how many problems have you solved using DP, it can still surprise you …
for introduction , refer
then go to
and finally

… hope it helps .


Please guys don’t ask same question again and again. DP related questions has already been asked too many times at this site and other sites famous sites also.

So at least try to google it before questioning it here.

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Dynamic programming is really a comfortable programming from my point of view becuz lets take example of array we dont need to set no.s of indexes we only pass data in java please understand this topic very clearly. Thank u

thanks mate

thanks mate

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Just stumbled upon your query few years later :grin: but just wanted to add that Dynamic Programming is such a challenging topic to understand. When I initially started learning I found it tricky to get the concepts but practicing dynamic programming problems from Interview Bit also resources from Topcoder, Hackerearth helped alot.

You can solve questions from Atcoder educational dp contest.
Link :

There are 26 dp tasks .