How to start with competitive programming ? (for beginners)


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To start with programming:→

1)Pick up a language,say, C++

2)Get introduced to the language and learn its basic syntax . Watch video tutorials of :

a) C++ Programming Tutorials (HINDI/URDU) - YouTube

b)C++ by Saurabh Shukla - YouTube

to get the above thing clear.

3)Focus heavily on the logic of:-

1)If-else statement.



Solve and learn these sections from here:-

Decision Making Statement on SitesBay.

4)Now, if you are enrolled in a computer-science course, you will find basic good problems based on:-

a)Checking if a number is palindrome/prime number,etc.

b)Making different types of patterns

c)Find sum of different type of series using Array and Loops! :open_mouth:

Solve them as much as you can from : - Sitesbay - Bay of Websites are done with the programming part which is needed to start competitive programming.

Now, the real game starts.

For competitive programming :

Go to Array Data Structure - GeeksforGeeks and solve as many problems as possible on array.

Go to String Data Structure - GeeksforGeeks and solve as many problems as possible on strings.

Also solve problems on Hackerearth :- Basics of Input/Output Tutorials & Notes | Basic Programming | HackerEarth and Hackerrank:-Solve Algorithms Code Challenges

Repeat the above process for 2–3 months.

Start participating in the contests of HackerRank , HackerEarth , Codechef and Codeforces.

Most important:-Regularly up-solve the problem(s) which you couldn’t solve during the contest. You will always learn the new trick(s)/algorithm(s) needed.very fast,this way!

Now, is the time to learn data structures,algorithms , dynamic programming and some Math ! :smiley:

Learn it from Project Euler,Geeksforgeeks and Hackerearth.

Advanced level:

1)Solve Russian Coding problems here :- Timus Online Judge

2)Practice DIV-1 problems of codeforces and topcoder regularly.

Most of the above, worked out very well for me, see if it helps you out too! :slight_smile:

And wait,also in case if you are not able to solve a problem, then send me its link, my team will prepare a fresh editorial for it :slight_smile:

Many of the editorials on Codeforces (and most other competitive programming platforms, to be honest) are only understandable if you’ve already solved the problem or are close to doing so. They’re often written by ‘reds’ who assume the solution is clear once they give the high-level idea, but I can see that it wouldn’t be for beginners.

Editorials , even if they exists, are really hard to understand!

They are not written for beginner-intermediate coders. So,we newbies really find it hard to understand a coding problem,

So, I have taken an initiative to write editorials which are pretty easy to understand even for beginners.

I write editorials in my Quora Blog:-

I write them in the easiest manner possible and explain the solution from scratch so that even a beginner can understand thoroughly!

I even provide extra links at the end of my editorial(s)/solution(s) to learn the concept(S) involved.

And I even try to explain things clearly in detail with images! Feedback will be welcomed!:slight_smile: :smiley:

For motivation in coding, read this:-What is your competitive programming story until now (for beginners only)?


Happy Coding :wink: