How to start with Graph Theory and become well-oriented with it

I’m here, new to Competitive Programming, and I have done Sorting and Searching (not graph search) algorithms till now. I want to learn Graph Theory, Searching in Graphs, and some Graph Algorithms from scratch.

Therefore, I request @ssjgz, @vijju1231 and the rest of the others, who are good in Graph Theory, to suggest me some places where I can start learning Graph Theory.

Thank you.

hi @V_taken ! I’m gamerrk1004 :slight_smile:


There is a nice playlist by codencode on youtube

Yes. I saw the videos. But I am comfortable with documents, or descriptives.

This is pretty good :

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For mathematics part : Mathematics for Computer Science MIT OCW

For algorithms part: Introduction to Algorithms MIT OCW

Just go to Reading Section and download the pdf for Graphs part.

For Introduction to Algorithms you don’t have pdfs in that section, however, you have a selling copy of the book if you want to buy.

Otherwise you can watch the video lectures and download lecture summary notes as pdf as well.

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this is the best!