How to start with Topcoder



I wanted to start participating in Topcoder SRMs, just like I do for Codeforces and Codechef. But Topcoder seems so weird and unfriendly. Participating in Codechef/Codeforces contests is sooo simple, but I don’t understand how to participate in Topcoder contests. Do I have to download an applet called ‘Arena’? What am I supposed to do? How to procced? How to know the contest dates? Please help me out. Thanks a lot Codechef community :slight_smile:


Have you looked at this guide for Topcoder SRM’s


It’s sad that due to new Codechef changes, this question is going unanswered :frowning: . Now, the homepage is filled with old, answered and irrelevant questions.


I hate new codechef changes, especially the homepage filled with old questions in the name of votes.If they are already answered then what’s the point of showing them on the homepage.


Thanks a lot divyansh. This is pretty helpful :slight_smile:


Just one more thing. Is it just me or is the Topcoder page ususally very slow to load?


I don’t really do Topcoder because i find it really annoying. And it is slow for me sometimes too.


TopCoder is very slow for me too. I can only practice on the Arena Applet. On the site, it takes a lot of time to load, even when I have a pretty good connection.


How to get the arena applet? @horcrux2301