How to store large int as 10^10^18

how to store large int as 10^10^18

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You cant and u dont need to!


There we go, question answered xD

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can u post the link to the prob
there has to be a better way

I think the related problem is this.

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You can take help from this post:


Haha, you don’t need to do so. Just think logically.

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Don’t laugh on newbies in discuss forum,please.


In Java u can use BigInteger Class to store extremely large integers, in c++ u have to use gmp library to store large integers. BTW all coding problems of CF, CC and other well known websites can be solved under unsigned long long (2 * 10^18). So don’t waste your time searching for how to store large INT :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Lol, even I am newbie here.

What are you guys talking about? 10^10^18 is simply 18 and should not cross the limit of int on any modern platform.


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