How was your experience with TCS digital coding round?

Please share your experience with the oncampus tcs digital coding round held today. Faced a lot of issues, just curious to know what all issues others have faced.


I also faced some issues. I uploaded the code file but without even running the file it counted it as a submission. My all 5 submissions were complete but I could not see whether i made right or wrong submission. Nothing was being showed in private or public submissions.

While submitting the code for private test cases during TCS Digital exam… after 30-40 seconds of compiling and fetching results it always showed “Under Evaluation. Please check Submissions tab after some time.” But there were nothing under private or unevaluated submissions tab. This happened two times. I’m sure my code is correct but don’t know if they will consider it or not although I submitted within time. Messaged this to my TPO along with a video proof so that he can highlight this issue to the TCS team so that they consider the codes which were submitted but was’t evaluated due to server load. However, he told to message another senior teacher who in-turn told me to send a mail to TCS. :smirk:

In my case, my public submission was successful but whenever I clicked on Submit(Final), it showed “Evaluation Under Progress… check submissions tab after some time”. But there was nothing under private code submission tab or unevaluated code tab. Only Public Submission showed Good Job. I still had one submission left.