How was your TCS codevita interview?

Well most of my classmates had there interview done today , mostly basic questions interviewed by 3 people (hr+2 tr) , what’s the odds of getting tcs digital / tcs ninja ?

Getting selected for Ninja profile offers you with a salary package of 3.5 LPA, and fortunately if you are selected in the Digital profile, then you will be rewarded with a package of 6 LPA about double that of Ninja.

when will results be released? end of this month or end of oct?

end of this month

r u sure?

How exactly do they determine the role? Any clue?

@underdog13376 Sorry, I haven’t got hired from codevita, but from an off campus. so can’t answer your question.

Yes! And yesterday i got selected in TCS DIGITAL :slightly_smiling_face:


Can you tell me how was your interview?

Hey, were you emailed the results or updates on nextstep portal? which zone were you from?

here is my interview experience
I was able to answer 80% of all the questions.


I got the shortlisted names from my college TPO.

Package of DIGITAL is 7LPA

What was you rank? @spetsnaz_ravi

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Can you tell me what was your rank?Are they giving digital to 2000+ rank?@spetsnaz_ravi

Yes the are even giving chance to people with 10k+ ranks i have seen.But the problem is, they say that they have several other criteria for them to sit for placements.But as far as i know people with good colleges and good rank are called.Also this time, only final year students are called.

was 1995

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What is TCS codevita?