How would you rate december challenge 2014? dec14



This is the first contest I attended in codechef, I got a score of 417.53,

Have I performed well or will have to improve a lot??

Was this an easy contest or a difficult one??

how would you rate it?

Also when will the graph on our profile page update?


4K indian users :smiley:


in 3+ weeks :smiley:


3+ weeks ?


i agree :slight_smile:


but really it’s less than 2weeks :smiley:


well in short ratings will be out soon :stuck_out_tongue:


Why does it take that much time for updating the rating??


Because of plagiarism checking. I have no idea what is the complexity of that. Something like O(N^2) where N is number of successful submissions?


i think nov14 rankings were updated the next day. It is a hard contest compared to others that i have attempted.



yes that’s true but as far i remember after few days ratings disappeared and then again it was updated.


why does it take that much time to get the ratings updated??


the ratings are now updated