HS08TEST (ATM) Python Runtime (NZEC) Error



I am new to python, and trying my luck on some easy problems first. I have checked my source code for various inputs (problem code HS08TEST, link: http://www.codechef.com/problems/HS08TEST) but unable to find any problem but still it shows runtime error on submission. Please help guys. Here’s my code:

import sys
withdraw, balance = map(float, sys.stdin.readline().split())
print ("%.2f" % balance) if int(withdraw)%5 != 0 or balance < (withdraw + 0.5) else ("%.2f" %     (balance - withdraw - 0.5))


The sys.readline() reads the entire line so all characters on the line including the next line character "
" are read which cannot be converted to float and causes NZEC. Just change it to sys.stdin.readline().strip().split()) to remove the "
" and it works fine. here is the accepted version.


thanx buddy…!! :smiley: