Is 15 90 110 150 a valid input for this question?

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Yes, your given test case is a valid input. The correct output will be No

Yeah sorry @prajjwal07_adm what I meant is that will this be a valid example for a yes output and I agree with you that it will be No for the given test case but there is a code of a user that I stumbled upon while searching for help that gives yes for this test case and is accepted as a solution in the cookoff contest.
Here is the link provided:Solution: 64052886 | CodeChef

@prajjwal07_adm Basically, the tests are weak.

It’s high time Hacking is introduced in Codechef.

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Yes, I think the test case is weak sorry for that.
In your mentioned code there is some problem.
for i in range(2,n-1):

Here i must start with 1 not 2
for i in range(1,n-1):

I think the problem setter miss this test case in which we have to check the condition for A[1].

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