In this question there is no need of sorting but in successful submission answer everyone use sorting for array please anyone can help me out to know why everyone do sorting.the above link lead you to problem statement.

The problem asks you to maximize the score of each player. To do this each player will pick the highest number available to pick from the initial array of numbers.
That is why sorting is required. Once you have sorted the array, finding out the maximum scores for each player provided they play optimally is O(n)

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sorry but i not got your we can edit the original array…suppose if game is going in real life and we are provided with the cards with numbers… how we can arrange these cards in perfect order ?let we are provided with 1 3 5 7 9 4 and according to rule first sum(1+7+4) get —>12 and second sum (3+5+9) get —>17 so we will tell that first player should play second turn so player 1 should win.

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can you please reply sir…i have raise one more doubt…see above reply…

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And in the problem they didn’t put a test case for n=2 , ( in which both two numbers are same) , in this case the answer should be draw but i see lot of successful submissions which doesn’t handle this case and got accepted

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Sorry for the late reply
The cards are not folded and each player knows where all the numbers are. They can pick any card they like. Otherwise, there is no question of optimal strategies

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thanks bro but i already rectify the error and remove that error.Thanks alot

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