Hi, I am getting NZEC error and i tried various ways to eliminate it but not able to figure out why it caused. To resolve that i tried using try but this time on submission it says wrong answer. I was not able figure out so I had look at some of the submissions and i found that the logic was similar to what I have written , so i tried executing that code in my IDE for which I again got the same error NZEC. Am I missing anything ?

for i in range(n):
    for j in range(k):
        l=input().split(" ")
        if (p>a):

Paste your solution link on the post along with the problem link and not on the heading. It will be easier for others to read your code.
Also for formatting the code, use
(``` ) {without brackets)
before and after the code

This is my submitted answer

I copy pasted your solution but iam still getting that NZEC error

Gotcha, you should provide custom input.
Click on “Custom Input” and provide input in that textarea.
Then Run.

Now it went fine in Submit, thank you but if u see the one i have written during the custom i/p it went fine but during submission it failed with same error. I am not why …Do you see any mistake in the logic that I have written?

I actually don’t know, because i m not good at python much, sorry

Btw, Your logic is correct, I just replaced raw_input thing and it passed.

Yeah i initially wrote with input() only but on seeing this error I googled it and I found it is better to use raw_input where we multiple inputs. thank you once again.