hungry enough for laddus.

i have seen this happening in forums , and suddenly this happened with me even , previously happened with @vijju123 even.
someone is making parady accounts and upvoting posts without any reason in order to defame me. i have upvoted everyone’s comment on my question so u cannot just simply blame me @kunnu120 , i can also blame you for doing such stuffs and defaming , and moreover you are no one to point directly on someone , write it to let them decide who is correct and who is wrong?

@admin do check the ip address and locations of both the account .

and i ask every other guy to write it to codechef without blaming someone directly.

moreover who is blaming is @kunnu120 , his upvotes and accepted answers are of @vijju123 at starting and a guy with only one long challenge participation can solve Seaco problem of long challenge and answers 3d DP questions , sounds very falsy to ears for a guy who started coding 15 days back at codechef and has 2* profile only.

so is it the case that @kunnu120 and @vijju123 are accounts of same guy.

once vijju123 accepts kunnu’s answer , the next time kunnu120 accepts vijju123 , is it valid @codechef?

just note down the starting 40 points were all awarded by vijju123 to kunnu120 , haha and then the other side game begun.


haha just saw 50 percent of @kunnu120 rewards are upvotes by @vijju123 only.
well probably he needs laddus from two accounts :stuck_out_tongue: hungry enough

@raj79 u forgot to mention about @taran_1407 he mentions specifically TO UPVOTE AND ACCEPT to others. this guy is really dying for laddus.


Okay, guys!! Let’s just end this here, no more allegations!!


Just because I am keeping quiet, does NOT mean that I will continue to do so. You dont want to be at my bad side raj.

i just noticed it , he’s hungry enough .

So you talk to yourself too… another sickness… :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


and not to mention, your english sucks too… -_- :confused: *this guy is dying OF laddus :stuck_out_tongue: *50 percent OF rewards are OF upvotes :stuck_out_tongue: give “OF” some relax man… :smiley:

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Well, i don’t have atleast fake accounts…

If you have seen my comments, you must have seen the degree of help i provide, i even solve the question myself first and then guide others, solve their queries…

And mentioning about UPVOTES and ACCEPTED ANSWER, they tell me that doubt is clarified…

If you read that statement clearly, it says

“Please UPVOTE and ACCEPT if you find this helpful…”

I believe you forgot to mention the second part @twinklebajaj

@taran_1407 bro twinklebajaj is another fake account by raj79

I’m not aware whether @twinklebajaj is a real account or fake…

It’s definitely an old account, though the whole reputation of @twinklebajaj is due to @raj79

I leave it upon codechef admin to decide that…

But He did make an accusation as you may see above…

I have started a post to report such accounts with admin checkout tag

which you may check from following link…

why don’t you just report at rather than posting here. I was wondering… would you guys still contribute if chef stops serving laddus for top contributors ?

well @kunnu120 I guess you need to stop now , enough of you. I have written about you to code chef.

whoever has a problem , just write it to codechef about it. That is all i will say.

i guess you need to stop acting smartly now , you have been caught in yourself . 1000+ upvotes every month , go n code rather then creating fake accounts and doing such stuffs, you have been caught with @kunnu120 account. You are smartly creating it and upvoting those people who are catching you doing these stuffs.
well played from march !

And, this is your hypocritical behavior.

go and code rather than creating fake accounts


you have been caught with @kunnu120 account. 

Your proof is just 4 upvotes in a row. For a person who has 1000+ upvotes, its not uncommon that he gives many upvotes in a row.

 well played from march !

If you recall, somewhere around march and April @admin had to do a MANUAL VERIFICATION of top contributor list. And I came out, faultless as always. Your arguments have no weight, are blantant, clear mud throwing with no proof or content.

stay in your limits, that would be better , you do not need to explain yourself so much.
throwing mud without any reason and saying directly , go and get a life dude.

LOL. This is throwing mud?

And what about your OWN thread dear? It says “Dont throw mud…blah blah blah” and then next paragraph itself starts throwing mud.

someone upvoted yours answers and you came and directly started blaming me , oh man u are such a smart dumbo! haha


No relevance to current discussion. Nice attempt at digressing the topic :slight_smile:

So unsettled when I counter argued 3 of your arguments? I wonder what will happen if I go into each and every detail of your post :slight_smile:

PLUS, I can say the same for you.

“I upvoted someone’s answer and you came blaming and throwing mud at me? Oh raj such a smart dumbo!”