Hybrid Tutorial #-1: Heavy-Light Decomposition

Hi! If you’ve ever seen my old tutorial on heavy-light decomposition here, this may be a bit familiar, but I’ve decided to add a video component to it and combine two forms of tutorial into one.

The modified version with timestamps is on codeforces, here. Since I’ve already posted this tutorial here, I won’t re-post it, but for the other ones that I do, I’ll post a version both to here and to codeforces.

You can consider this series as a strictly better version of galencolin-tutorial, as the posts will still be there but it’ll also have a video to supplement it.

Next topic is TBD, but it’ll be something interesting like centroid decomposition I think.


Buddy if u make some good blog / article ( with questions) on inclusion exclusion principle and mobius function it will be really helpful.

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