I already coding from past one year but still i feel that i dont know much more

PLease help me .

I want to ask you that what should i do now ?
Please suggest any smart way because i think i’m not finding this …
Your help will be appreciated .
Thanks in advance

also tag someone who can really help

Which sites do you practice cp from apart from codechef?

Mostly codechef and apart from it i participate in codeforce . ans from few days i spent time in leetcode

Really i have to say you that all i achieve 3* is of experience nothing other than this .
Please suggest any better way so that i increase my rating because all that is encourage the coder is any result from their efforts

Your codechef graph looks good! I would suggest you participate in more contests from codeforces and always try solving 1 question more than you were able to in the contest. Whenever you come across a new concept, read about it and solve more problems in that. Always try solving problems that are 1 level higher than your current level.
You can check out my Youtube Channel dedicated towards cp.

Make sure you have fun doing cp. You will improve…

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same problem with me… but yeah i know now where i m going wrong …and try to improve day by day. :slight_smile:

thanks for appreciating my profile. I have one question that some times i missed only 10% and due to that i unable to solve that question . So only experience can fill that gap or i need to do another things. And yeah i believe that you need to work hard to get something . And please suggest some plateform which can helpful to learn new topic and new concepts and to practice that type question.

Thank you very much…! :blush:

How you came to know that you are on wrong way ?
And how you are correcting it?

That 10% happens a lot with me too! Atleast we got the 90%! What I do is I think why did I miss that 10% and just practice more.
I learn new concepts as I encounter them in problems. There are a lot so its not possible to attack all at once.
For learning, i just google the concepts and I use codeforces mostly for practicing.




Just going on the stats from your CodeChef profile:

  1. You have done only 59 problems in a year which is less than 1 problem for every 6 days. Increase this count.
  2. Only 13 of those problems were in practice, rest were in contest. PRACTICE MORE.
  3. Finally, and most importantly, the majority of problems you have done would come under beginner or easy category. In order to improve, you have to spend a lot of time on problems that are higher than your current level. Otherwise you will just stagnate. In order to learn advanced topics you need to solve advanced problems :stuck_out_tongue:

A big thing I have seen these days is that beginners keep asking for tips to improve, books to read, etc.
The hard truth of competitive programming is that the only real way to improve is to practice hard. Books can teach you a topic but only solving problems can teach you how to apply them. Don’t procrastinate on doing the rough work of practice. It will eventually pay off.


Don’t underestimate books. A good book can help you get to 5 stars effortlessly. My favorite of these was algorithms by dasgupta, papadimitriou and vazirani. I read that book before starting, and almost all the concepts I’ve needed are in that book. You’ll need to learn the stl of your language separately though.


Bro plz see my profile tooo… And guide me also …I think for my case 3rd point is valid.

thanks …Now onwards i will solve more question and also of more difficulty.
Again Thanks…

Um this is true but I think a lot of beginner programmers tend to completely procrastinate on practice by just learning concepts (which is obviously much more fun).

What I’m trying to say is that learning concepts is important but the time spent on practising implementation of concepts in problems should be 10x.


I know that I know nothing


Yggrite will have something to say about that, I suppose :slight_smile:

That’s right but still your experience of 7* is helpful… so please…