I am having a logic for Long Challenge ANDSUBAR but my Solution was wrong

I have participated in October Long Challege and submitted my solution for ANDSUBAR problem. I have tried the logic which I suited to be right. Help me figure it out!
For any given number N, the bitwise AND of all odd numbers in a set (1,2,3,…,N) is 1 that is positive. So the solution for maximum elements in an array whose bitwise AND is positive is N/2 for even number and (N+1)/2 in case of odd number as input. Please provide your suggestion.

Considering this solution of yours, it fails for the following test case.



Expected Output


Your Output


In the question Longest And Subarray was asked.
Subarray is continuos part of an array.
Now,Lets take an example 10.
According to your logic the answer is 5 {1,3,5,7,9} but these number are not continuos as they should be in a subarray.So , correct answer for it would be 4 {4,5,6,7}.

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Got it. Thanks.