I am not being able to login with Google Challenge Id and Passkey. It says Invalid Passkey

I have tried all the fixes.

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Are you giving Test of GOCC56: Google’s Online Challenge 2022 SWE intern Singapure?

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Bhai i also can’t login if you find any solution please tell i am also trying since 6.30 am. Please Help i am getting invalid passkey.

yes. SWE Intern Singapore

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Yeah bro. I cannot login either for some reason. Invalid passkey.

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ok bro i will let u know if it works i sent a mail to google regarding same. if u find it working please reply asap

Brother the issue will be resolved in 60 mins. i got a mail try again

I just got a mail back as well that I can try in 60 minutes but now the problem is that I am out for some work. Can the test be given at anytime today? Reply ASAP

can anyone please share the questions of the challenge? if possible! As it also help out to solve them early… before the test!

I cannot even open the challenge bro. Now it says invalid challenge id. Nice. Are u able to open up the test?

i have not tried yet as i am out off station and start around 1 or 2 pm

For how long is the test there. I mean when can we start.

it will work after 11.35 IST. acc to mail i recvd.

bhai but kab tk attempt kr skte hai ye to btado

6.30 pm IST will be closing time, par kyuki issue tha ye tecnical to extend ho sakta he time codechef ke 2020 ke ek post me bhi esa hua tha usme likhatha ki time extend kiya gaya tha unki side se

han maine bhi dekha woh discussion page isi liye ye post kiya otherwise i wouldn’t even have gotten the hope that it would extend.
Thanks my guy. I guess all we can do now is wait.
I have to go out for work. If your test starts, just put it up here in the discussion so we can know that it is working.

bhai start to o jayega par graph DP Tree nai ata mene to randomly apply kiyatha us time pe pata naitha dsa puchte he jab apply kiyatha i was expecting development . Anyways best of luck to you all guys. phod ke ana bhaiyo

hahaha… tension mt le bhai. bs bta diyo jab test shuru kre so we might know. Thankyou <3. Tum bhi phodo

lol same bro ! but we can put our 100% for now and also help each other may questions are same !

yeah thanks for this disussion post ! too… it is really helpfull !