I feel bad

Solved 5 of 6 questions in lunchtime Jan, 21 and the contest is declared unrated :pensive:


Man , Never expected them to postpone this contest , despite knowing the fact that this contest had lesser issues than previous rated contests.


Do it again in the next contest😉


I skipped Dinner and did not talk to my Family today because of this and it seemed fine till the end.


it’s 2 time in a row they made lunchtime unrated , in both lunchtime my performance was good according to me but :disappointed: :persevere:

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good bye CodeChef😑

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@cubercoder i solved 3 problems and stuck on the divisibility problem for soo long , so i decided to see rankings and saw your name ( i remembered your name after you find out the setters error in my previous post ) , i think you already solved 5 problems at that time. You certainly got talent . Don’t worry , your hard work pays off eventually . Just remember this doesn’t matter in the long run.