I found a cheater!!

It’s not quite cheating, but still discourages some people.
You can find him going to practice page → platform stats → top 3 Problem Solvers
He is 1 place. You can go to his profile and see he has 1200 successful submitions and ONLY 7 of them are wrong answers. Moreover he somehow manages to solve 1 problem in 1 minute (which diff>1700). And even more if you go on other’s submitions page and see previous successful submition on python 3.6 - his code is exactly the same. And his rating is … hm… not that he is that good.

What I want to say - it’s not fair. I am currently on top 3 problems solvers and I fairly solve 10-20 problems a day - that’s my way of getting better.(just solve every single problem gradually). And I want to get top 1 - that would be an achievment, yea. But now I have 0 chance.

@theairo1 - this is a rolling 30 days count. If the user is actually faking it → and you genuinely practice as much - you’ll show up there.

But it’s actually impossible to solve 1 problem in a minute. Maybe he can run out of problems and I can outrun him in the next month. Though the more you solve - harder the problems, so it will be harder to solve a lot of problems for me then. After all it’s not a big deal being in the top - I will continue just having fun here, solving the problems.

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