I hate cheating

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Peoples are cheating it is very bad and you are right but we can’t do anything about that.
Instead, you can take advantage of it like people cheated and solved more questions, for you to maintain your rank you should also solve those questions on your own this will not only maintain your rank but also improves your cp knowledge.
This is just my suggestion, I personally believe in this.


Bro,The rule of Universe says: everyone will get what they deserve ,not more than that nor less than that .
Cheater’s will get what they deserve and on the same time u will get what u deserve .
So , my suggestion to one is to just focus on yourself , let others do what they are doing !
Hope this might help icing your hate . :slightly_smiling_face:


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

There is crime and death in the world, we hate it, so what? That doesn’t stop it, so complaining won’t help. Just make yourself so that it doesn’t affect you, cheating cannot take these people beyond a threshold, just cross that and you’ll be okay for the rest of your time here instead of crying to it every time it happens. Let go and grow, you’ll learn ignorance in the process.


Illegal turfs where there is more crime are avoided by the people. So actually, people stop their participation where crime is more. I agree with not crying part not with the analogy used.

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Format of the contest being Long increases chances of cheating but one should look at the brighter side.

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Avoiding is what I mentioned too, you’re stopping your participation, not the activity itself: it stays there with or without you involved. I don’t know if the analogy is flawed or not but at least the primary point is well received :slightly_smiling_face: