I Have finished My Bca degree still i struggle in c programming

Hi Please tell me any one how to become master in c programming language ,which is the best platform for learning c programming and can you please tell me how to learn c programming?

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This book is really good for c++. As for platform, google “C++ software” and see what best suits you. Platform is really a matter of choice, and won’t make a difference in learning programming logic, which is basically the essential for programming of any kind.
How to become a master…well…practice, practice, read, learn, practice. Repeat for success :slight_smile:

Codechef has some really good examples, and although you may find some problems difficult, don’t give up! The way I do it is, read the problem, study it in my head, if it is complex, divide-and-conquer on a piece of paper. Once you understand the problem inside out, there is nothing stopping you from coding it.

Happy studying!


You can practice the the problems in code chef. Whats most important is practice. If you can’t understand something just ask questions, there will surely be people to help you. For reference, here are some links






Do not master language… Instead master problem solving ability and just start solving SPOJ, Codechef and other competitive programming problems… and automatically you’ll be able to build a good command over language…

Best of Luck… :slight_smile:


First of all prefer a good C book and learn the basics. Some good author books are Let Us C and C by E Balagurusamy. Do as much practical as you can. Programming is all about doing practical and writing codes by your own. Without it you will not get confidence. Start with writing small and simple programs and then increase the difficulty level. When you get enough confidence on C basics then practice advance problems on sites like codechef. This will really make you master in programming. But all this takes time, never loose hope.

You can get C programming basic tutorials here http://www.thecrazyprogrammer.com/p/learn-c-programming.html

If you have any other queries then you can mail me at sareneeru94@gmail.com. I will be really happy to help you.

Happy Coding!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Here is a link of a very famous coder about how he started coding and all other things… this might be of some help