I have made an app :-)

This should be the first thing that should be there, mind it for next time

:wink: I know let me update :slight_smile:

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I Have updated it on github :slight_smile: and codechef discuss as well as

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Such a nice app dude… can’t imagine you are just 14yrs old… Keep growing always :+1::+1::man_technologist:

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:joy: :joy:

About your meme app, how are generating the meme are you using some API to get the latest meme?
Few advises:
Your meme app has a share and next button which is too large and your app logo most of the time hides the text written on the meme, you should move it a little upward or maybe at the right corner.
Quack Math solver has a good design but when showing the result there is no need to show the solution in form of toast, It took me few seconds to realize that the result is also being shown on the screen, you can make the result a little more focusable.
You can use another colour rather than red which is not very appealing.
But still, you did a good job :slight_smile:

Good job.

Yes, I Am Using An API :slight_smile: In Memer
And Soon I Will Fix Those Bugs :slight_smile: In Both Apps :slight_smile:

Thank You :slight_smile:

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