I have made an app :-)

Hello, Everyone, I Have Made An App And Published It On Playstore
Quack Math Solver: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.learning.quack
Memer: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.memer
Try These :slight_smile:

Tech Used In Quack

  1. Java
  2. Firebase Auth
  3. Firestore
  4. This To Share Solutions

Tech Used In Memer

  1. Piccaso
  2. API(https://meme-api.herokuapp.com/gimme)

For More Info Of Memer

Check out my Memer github repo:GitHub - KrishnaWadhwani/Memer: Entertain Yourself Daily, With New Memes! Download And Install Memer Now!!

For More Info Of Quack

Check out my Quack github repo: GitHub - KrishnaWadhwani/Quack-Maths-Solver: Quack Is India's First Maths Homework Solver App With Great User Interface And Ads Free Experience, New Formulas And Functionalities Every Week Download Quack Now!



How are they relevant to this site?

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I just posted it is related to coding somewhere :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t post anything you feel like which isn’t relevant, it’s called spamming



Great Man keep it up such a good app …Just keep the flow…


@server_42 Thank you So Much :slight_smile:

.APK right…? but i have heard that its changing to .ABB
So the codes inside the application will also change or it’s just an extension.

BTS:- Keep Growing you have did it good… it’s all are related to coding community you can post anything here…

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Congratulations!!! Will try for sure

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Yes This Is APK File And Android Studio Have Options To Compile Your Code To APK Or ABB
Difference Is Only That ABB Files Are Less In Size
But You Cannot Run ABB On Phone Easily
Yes, I Will Do Post, IDK Why This @digon Think I Spam :slight_smile:

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Thank You Do Try :slight_smile:

I don’t like being tagged unnecessarily don’t do it. And @anon25832923 if you can read then codechef is a competitive programming website you can’t post whatever comes to your mind. IMG-20210711-WA0007


Codechef is a competitive programming site but not its forum :slight_smile: it is made for programmers :slight_smile: Of all type :slight_smile:

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You’re on codechef’s discussion forum kid and these apps are pretty useless to most of the people here


good work, given that u r at 14.


Thank you :slight_smile:

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@digon CodeChef introduces a brand new discussion forum | CodeChef

I don’t see a single line or link which has anything to do with coding, where’s the code link or where have you described the tech stack you’ve used. you are just advertising your apps and its spamming Which isn’t allowed here

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I M Not Advertising It :slight_smile:
Here I Have Described It :slight_smile:

And I Just Have Used Java, Firebase Auth, Firestore
Sending simple data to other apps  |  Android Developers And This To Share Solutions

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