I haven't done the plagiarism i swear

Hello first time i am writing here… just a few min ago i have received a mail that i have caught into plagiarism with 3 other users and got penalty of 275 points…
Giving a short intro of myself I’m 1 yr student persuing btech . I’m currently in my 1st semester… it’s just been 3-4 months that i have started using codechef and reached the rating of 1481… But just few moments back i received a mail of which i have told u above .
Along with mail they have provided me 3 links of other user’s code of which i have been considered doing plagiarism… but i haven’t did it … I swear i haven’t did it…it was a very easy ques and my logic came out to be same with some other users… but what’s my fault in it… i have thought of my own logic acc to ques and compiled my own code with my own hardwork and honesty… … with my hardwork and lots of updowns in contests i had reached 1481 ratings… But penalty of 275 points forr the sin which I hadn’t done will literally kick my confidence downn… :sob::sob: I AM sending the links of the users code as well as my code .



The last one is the link to my code…
You guys check these links and tell what’s my
Mistake if my logic coincidently matches with the other users across globe… When I’m doing a ques my job is to solve it using easiest method for best optimisation… And if the logic coincidently matches with other users then is it really my fault???.. Please help me… Penalty of 275 ratings is really painful… i haven’t done any kind of plagiarism :sob::sob:

To appeal for incorrectly flagged plagiarism, you need to write an email to help@codechef.com stating why you think you have been wrongly penalized within seven days of receiving the plagiarism notice. Writing it in the discussion forum would not do any good.

I have already sent the mail to that address also since afternoon!.. but haven’t got any reply yet :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

You need to wait for at least a week because there are a lot of other mails and appeals they need to go through.

Ok sir :+1:… hoping for good!.. thanks for your concern

Don’t get upset . forget about the loss .
You will surely jump much higher .

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Did you used ideone.com?

thankyou sir for your wishes.

no sir,i am hearing about this site for the first time…i always use codechef ide for writing my code.