I know cheating is a thing in CC long challenges but this is too much

Few days ago the number of submissions was less than 100 and accuracy was less than 10% and look how the number is inflated in the coming days especially today(last day of contest). I don’t know if anything can be done about it but imo this is too much.


The accuracy for Minimum Subtree Cover was about 0.2% in the first 5 days as far as I remember :neutral_face:


Yes, CC should look into this matter.

My suggestion would be to provide each question for limited number of days based on difficulty.
like for 1st question they can give only one day
for second question 2 days and so on.

I think , this will reduce the chance of cheating to some extent.


Nothing can be done about it. Please, just focus on solving the problems yourself and enjoying. This is probably the 128901342th post on this matter. Everyone writing a post about this is not helping. If you want to help, just don’t cheat yourself.


will do man, I am just pointing out the fact that how much more rampant it has become today than ever before


It turns out that there were a lot of submissions in the last few hours and that all of them are either exactly same or name of variables and functions have been changed. Instead of all of this, what really matters is that we strive to become better at what we can as a competitive programming community.

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username checks out

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