I opened codechef for two hours and my 1.5gb jio internet is already over!

How much internet is codechef consuming? I connected my phone’s internet to the laptop and after two hours my internet is completely over. I have not opened any other site. Please someone help I would not be able to do long challenges without internet.

same happens when i play CSGO. :rofl:

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Codechef will not consume 1.5gb of data, maybe your laptop is consuming internet for system updates


@payal2605 Look at your task manager network tab, you will know which process is consuming your internet or is there any suspicious programs running in the background, do some research you will know the problem.
One more thing, How can Code-Chef consumes that much data in two hours? Don’t you think it’s kind of weird before posting the question means if you have been watching a movie in 1080p then it’s a possibility :slight_smile:

I have checked everything but still have not found anything suspicious!! and i have not been watching a movie in 1080p

@payal2605 Are you downloading something from the browser or from download managers, or is there lot of tabs opened in chrome while you were on code-chef, maybe one of the tab is running something which consumed that much data.

Run the code-chef again with all the tabs closed in the browser and then check in the task manager network tab.

You can put the screen-shot here if you want.
See there are lot of possibilities and reasons, have you checked for Microsoft Update in the background, which may be running, you can check the logs of your OS by going to System and Updates in the Settings if you are using Windows 10.

And if all that are not the reason for that consumption, then maybe there is a program running in the task-manger which is consuming the data without your knowledge, check for those processes, it can be a update of any software, or programs which runs at the system startup, or in a very rare case there can be possibility of virus in your system.

Haha… switch to airtel unlimited :stuck_out_tongue:


If you have a daily 1.5 GB plan from Jio then you just have to wait till tomorrow. Long challenge still has a week left.

try setting your hotspot as “metered connection”


so much stuffs happen in windows
lot of programs even windows itself consumes data in background
there is no easy way to stop it
1st thing you shld do is mark ur wifi as metered
but still windows will download critical updates

if you do not hav unlimited internet connection available then this is what you should do
actually this is what I used to do

  • get an offline ide
  • code the program
  • upload it thr mobile

Don’t use Windows, Use Redstar OS.:slightly_smiling_face:

@payal2605 Sometimes it happens that background process eats your internet and you don’t even know it, while using codechef your system must be using internet for it own purpose ( of update or anything else ) may your antivirus software use it (if installed). So you can stop auto update service of your system or something similar, hope that help you.

same with my case but your data has nothing to do with the codechef…, its because of your pc system updates.

Really ! Is this what people now ask on discuss :sob:


If you are on windows, Enable ‘Metered Connection’ in the settings of your network you are connected to. It stops automatic updates in background.