I started but I feel lost about what to study, need help

I did some exercises for beginners but I feel like I’m skipping steps, the only thing I know is array and bubble sort, I don’t know what I should learn and in what order, hackerearth seems pretty confused about using code monk.
What to do now ?

searching and sorting is good in beginning, after this learn recursion well, oops concepts, bitwise operations… after this move on to data structures like linked list, stacks, queues etc… after this i wld suggest binary trees, bst, graphs and then dp

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Bro watch this whole playlist on youtube you will progress fast (DSA and C++) , This is very helpful for beginners !!!

Do not try to learn anything on your own from books otherwise, you will only waste your time , instead rely on some youtube courses/some other course to progress very fast.

If you can spend some money then I will recommend you to do a course on DSA below, as this will provide you with proper guidance and save your self from anxiety and frustration

1>Coding Ninjas | Basics of C++ with Data Structures and Algorithms

1>Practice | GeeksforGeeks | A computer science portal for geeks