I want to know why my rating decrease in lunch time

My rating decrease in may2021 lunch time challenge.so I saw rule of codechef there are no any penalty in long challenge and lunchtime then what is a reason that my rating was decreased?

both long challenge and lunctime are rated contest for you , so if you participate in it and don’t do well then your rating will surely go down , and if you do well then you will receive +ve delta.

You solved HOOPS in may lunctime and got 10k+ rank so based on that rank your rating also decreased.

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Hmm so rating is dependent on our current rating also and how many answer I give.

so as beginner I have to focus on rating or focus on practice without worrying about rating?

Rating is dependent on your performance. (how fast you did, how many attempts it took to AC, how many people solved more than you).

As for beginner don’t bother about fancy internet points.

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I didn’t get your second point.

DO this

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ok thank you for clearing my thoughts.

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