I want to learn Data structures and Algorithms using CPP where I can learn

Please help me .suggest a book or a online course where I can learn and practice dsa using cpp.

Here’s the sequence I would suggest, all resource are from YouTube:

  1. C++ Programming Course - Beginner to Advanced - FreeCodeCamp
  2. Pointers in C / C++ - FreeCodeCamp
  3. Pointers in C Explained – They’re Not as Difficult as You Think (Article- Optional but very good content)
  4. C++ Standard Template Library| Competitive Programming
  5. Data Structures - Full Course Using C and C++ - FreeCodeCamp
  6. Learn Recursion, Backtracking, Tree, BST, Graph, Greedy, Dynamic Programming e.t.c from this channel - take U forward. You can also look for other channels.

While learning these topics keeps practicing problems which suits your knowledge and level on coding platforms.

Other resources:
DSA Learning Series - Codechef
Competitive Programming Tutorials - Codechef - Go for this once you have decent understanding of DSA