ICPC 2019 Amritapuri Regionals

Thanks. :blush:
I thought it will have the highest demand?
coz I heard it hosts the best contest?

People from south choses amrita site.
Others will go for bangalore and coimbatore.
Maybe you can write a script and analyse how many teams are there from south.

My assumption is no of teams from south India will be less compared to rest of India.

LOL. :joy::joy:

Where you have got your onsite round ? is it amritapuri or someother ?

How to choose the sites for regional? Will they allocate automatically after payment and send details?

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I guess Even they don’t know so they decided to remove it from website.
I asked them about this but they replied “please pay before 12 November first”.

I have heard Amritapuri site has beach 10 mins walking distance away.
@all you can choose amritapuri regional :stuck_out_tongue:.


Is there any refund policy ?

Check their website.

Couldn’t find anything.

Can you please tell, how to choose amritapuri(or any choice of our own)?

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As per last year, you had to give preference between Amrita and Coimbatore, and you were allotted slots based on your rank (eh, similar to how college counselling sessions work).

and when and where do we give that preference? and by when will we get to know which site are we allotted?

I mailed them, this was what they said “We have selected only 270 teams res of the team detail will be published today afternoon”

Now, the selection policy has been updated. Instead of top 80, now top 120 teams will be selected. Also, the new ranklist of selected teams will be published by today noon

:joy: :joy: :joy: yeaa!

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Amritapuri has released the list of 320 teams selected:

When your team got 308th rank,
And you are still not in regionals list due to some stupid f**king plagiarism strike, which you have not done,
And all the hard work goes in vain
you become demotivated,
I hope codechef community will do something to prevent this in future


same here
sed life

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Rank 436 (Topped College) and Still Team name does not appear in the list.
No teams from my College is selected.

WTF is wrong, Codechef! :slight_smile: