ICPC 2019 registration Asia-Amritapuri site

I have registered for ICPC 2019 for amritapuri site, I have successfully paid the online test fees too. The status of my team has been changed to ACCEPTED and also i have received confirmation for successful payment of fees at amritapuri site(online test section).
Now the third step is to upload a PDF in Baylor Section but I don’t know what PDF has to be uploaded, Please tell me regarding the same, I will be very thankful.

Is it mandatory to have a passport to participate?

Can someone provide the link for payment (Amritapuri)


This is Snap of Baylor site, I have registered for ICPC Aisa- Amritapuri site,
Please tell me what PDF we have to upload here.

You dont have to upload anything for now:grinning:. They will request you to upload some Identification proof if your team gets selected for world finals.

Payment Fees showing on this website is Indian Rs.1062 but I think Fees per team is Indian Rs.900 ! Why is it so ?

But this link is available on official site of Amritapuri region

May be some tax or something.

Thank you so much bro,

Does anyone know , how much time does it take to get accepted status in baylor site for amritapuri ?

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12 hrs of working day maybe \hspace{0mm}