Icpc alone participation

i know i am sounding noob here but is there good chance of me to qualify for icpc amritapuri regionals being the only team from my college if i participate alone not in team. currently i am 4 star here and almost specialist on codeforces?

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First off, you necessarily need to have a team of 3 students from your institute, though you can attempt the online round alone if you want, but having a team is a must. That’s a mandate.
And second and most important, we don’t know anything about ICPC India status for this year as of now.

yeah i will put 2 dummy names in registration because there are no good CPers in my college and there is no point in taking others. yeah i know about it but still taking the best case scenerio!! so, do you think i’ll be able to reach regionals alone?

you are an inspiration

that doesn’t answer my question :thinking:

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As per my knowledge, it is not allowed to have a team <3 at onsite regionals even if you clear online round.

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Have the dates been specified??

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I believe @akshitm16 has specified it correctly about the reality of onsite participation. Still if you want to know about your hypothetical case of just being selected for a regional contest, I would say that you’ll need to solve at least the first few problems and that too very quickly. A Specialist (preferably an Expert or above) on Codeforces, or maybe very good performances in CodeChef Cook Offs (or even Lunch Times, for the sake of short contests) would have been a better sign for a person battling the team challenge alone.
Anyways, I am not judging you on your ratings at the moment, the realistic mark that you should set is to be in the top 1000 (or something near) at least. Again, selection for a regional will depend on other teams’ performance from your institute as well.

Good Luck!

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Just take any two people and ask them to sit with you for the given time.

Have the registrations opened?


This time there is 90% chance of regionals being online as well, so yes you can do your tricks.