ICPC Amritapuri Practice Session #5 | Prizes of INR 35000 [Team Contest]

Hello Codechef,
ICPC Amritapuri Regional will be hosting next team practice round on CodeDrills on Sunday, 28th March 2021. There will be 5 problems to be solved in 2.5 hours.

Contest Details


  • You will need to create a team on the contest page in order to participate.
  • Team size can be upto 3.
  • While creating the team, add the registered emails of other users to invite them to join your team. They will get an invite email, ask them to accept.
  • For more details on team registration, refer this guide.

Note: Register your teams & accept invites before the start of the contest. This won’t be allowed after contest starts!


  • Cash prizes of INR 35000 for top 15 teams.
  • 1st Place — INR 5000
  • 2nd, 3rd Places — INR 4000 each
  • 4th, 5th, 6th Places — INR 3000 each
  • 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th Places — INR 2000 each
  • 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th Places — INR 1000 each
  • Only Indian participants are eligible for prizes but everyone can participate.
  • Prize money is per team.

I hope you will enjoy solving the problems. Any feedback is appreciated after the contest.

Good Luck & Have Fun!
Hope to see you participating!!

UPD: Thanks for participating! Editorials are out!!! All submissions have been made public.

I would like to thank everyone who helped in the round preparation.

Finally I would like to congratulate all the winners:

  1. rdopti: Rahul amnesiac_dusk Dugar
  2. Back Again: Raja raja1999 Vardhan, Tejavardhan teja349 Reddy
  3. NITT 1: Aditya kumaraditya1999 Kumar, Vivek Raveendran, Sudharsan Srikanth
  4. Return0: Arihant K R, Himanshu HimanshuG Garg, Anay AwakeAnay Karnik
  5. Invariant: Abhishek darklight13 Chopra, Ravi Kishan, Snigdh Sixpathsguy Sinha
  6. god_in_my_team: Debajyoti little_angel Dasgupta, Naman namanjain0501 Jain, Praagy frost_ Rastogi
  7. Squirtle Squad: Arsh Nightmare05 Mahajan, Chandan Kumar, Shubhankar Amitabh
  8. Codechef hi badiya tha: Lavish Gupta, Rishabh NOOBxCODER Gupta, Utkarsh Gupta
  9. itna-naam-bhi-nahi-karna: Abhishek AK… Kumar, Kshitij Parwani, Smit Lunagariya
  10. Evil Geniuses: Vineet Kumar Dhandharia, Kaustubh Miglani, Pranav Sanjay Maral
  11. BForBruteForce: Anubhab Das, Arka Choudhuri, Deepamoy Yomapeed Pal
  12. gib money: Alok Kumar Singh, Diptarag Ray drayc Chaudhuri, Shubham Pandey
  13. no_ones: Abhishek Jha, Aman Singh
  14. concon: Carlos cjoa Joa
  15. Venom: Nikhil Believe Choudhary, Shivang ZiXeL Bhawsar

The winners list is not final. Plagiarism check will be done later! Also non-Indian teams wont be eligible for prizes.


It’s 20:00 IST, not 21:00 IST.
Please correct it, I got really confused at first.


Hi @vishaaaal thanks for pointing it out! Sorry for the typo! I have corrected the time now!


Reminder to register your teams! Contest starts in 50 mins.