ICPC Amritapuri Region shows error on payment

I am not getting why the [Amritapuri payment registration] (https://payments.acrd.org.in/pay/event/amr201920007) is showing the image i have attached.
Pls Help

are we supposed to pay the fees on this site??

Hey, swipe and see a small check box near 1062 INR, select that and try again
We missed it on our first try too :joy:

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Yes, after registering on the Baylor site and after the coach adds your team members under that regional contest site, you have to head over to the link : https://www.codechef.com/icpc/2020 for that particular regional site and pay there

One important clarification :
When I tried to Google ACM amrita or amritapuri, the link that pops up saying payment details will be updated later is that of 2017 . Check once guys before paying :slight_smile: