ICPC Gwalior-Pune 2018 Site Allocation List, Registration for Onsite

When will the site allocation details and registration for onsite contest happen?

Considering that the contest is not even a month away (Dec 17, 18), they shouldn’t delay announcing things so much.

People have to book train/flight tickets and almost every train from my city is on Waiting List already!

Has anyone received any information?


I have recieved mail from gwalior onsite(which was my first preference) just an hour ago. They have shared the accomdation and other details about the gwalior site.

I just logged in to icpc baylor site and checked, the site has been updated over there.

Exactly… I can’t agree more…
I mailed them the same thing… they are always silent… no reply at all… they gave 7 days for deciding choice of site to few teams…
I think 2 days are more than enough for this purpose…
Also they haven’t announced about accommodation details…
They are Very slow… don’t know why :frowning:

ikr… thanks