ICPC Gwalior-Pune regionals clash with end sem exams

What can we do to ask authorities to shift onsite contest to after exams. Our teams has worked hard for ICPC and we have qualified for onsite(as per unofficial lists). But our university end semester examination are clashing with date of onsite contest. Is there anyone else who have same issue.
@admin can you please guide us on what can and should we do?

LOL, shifting the whole ICPC onsite contest just because you qualified. Great!


That’s, not the correct reason.
Correct reasons are -


They were busy working so hard that they forgot to check their exam dates and onsite dates and they deserve credit for this.

  1. Regionals directors didn’t do their job properly here.

They should mail every team asking for dates when they are free then chose a date when everyone from all thousands of colleges doesn’t have an exam. In case he fails to find a common agreeable date he should cancel regional contest and send all teams in world finals.


I am asking for advice if there is something that can be done atleast we should try it. Why shouldn’t I ask for date change if they are clashing with our exams. I am asking question politely and not making a demand. I have worked hard and think I should ask for a fair chance.
@aryanc403 we didn’t forget to check our college published proposed datesheet a few days back. We didn’t know that clash was going to happen.


Think twice before what you are asking.


The only thing you can do is ask your college authorities to help you by postponing your exam. If they disagree you will have to choose between them. Maybe they will care if someone represents their college somewhere.

In your college, you are among few teams who qualified. Rcd (Regional Contest Directors) has to deal with 100s of teams similar to you. He can’t do anything for you, and he doesn’t care if you miss it. He will give that slot to the next team.


Even if you worked hard enough to get rank one!


I agree with you. And I know they might not shift the date. But please understand that I wanted to atleast make a try to ask people. I learned this from CP community only to atleast ask, people may have solution. I am sorry if you were offended by my question but I just wanted to know if something could be done.

Only thing you can do was answered in reply above.
I wasnt even going to reply here. I just showed this to one of my friend he wasnt able to chose Pune due to same reason. He said Bc reply kar. And when I reply then get ready for some sarcastic comments.

@ay2306 I am not telling anything to you in particular. I saw you are not arguing about unfairness at all. You were asking for help regarding what can be done now.
But I think this is the only solution according to me. Requesting college authorities.

If someone is arguing about unfairness then
This answer is for you.
Why… ?
Then someone else will come and say that “earlier gwalior Pune dates were earlier so I chose it and now they are delaying dates of regionals. This is unfair. I am not available after xyz dates.”
Now I think you can easily distinguish between for whom it’s more unfair. (I hope and wish you can distinguish ! )
Now just think whom should you ask to shift ? Regionals or exams ?
Actually this whole post should be on your college notice board. Not here.
Post there as well since you posted it here.
Because they announced date later on. And obviously you know by now that why regionals can’t be shifted ( because of my above argument).

Like icpcs gonna shift the date either. Suck it up, choose 1 of 2. Exams and no icpc. Icpc and fail semester.


Try asking your college of you can write your exam on a different date, maybe they’ll allow.

ask your coach

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Submitted an application for that today. Thanks.

Yes it will be unfair to those students as well. Sorry I didn’t think it through.

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