ICPC Gwalior region Payment confirmation?

Is there anyone in this forum who got payment confirmation from Gwalior regionals. I made my payment online on 24th sept and also filled the form on their website but no response yet. I had also mailed them but no response yet.


Wait for a week or so…
I made the payment around 15th September and it took more than one week for me to get my form accepted…

Ok that’s what i wanted to listen. Thanks

I am unable to login on the baylor website. This problem exists for everyone or just me? Please confirm.

Yes same here . icpc website has this bug. You can login after a while and it will work

Yeah working now. Thanks.

Student can send the payment confirmation mail to the regionals or its compulsory to send it from coach’s mail?

Yeah it seems to be down today

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Yeah unable to login to icpc website and its showing this “Unexpected error when handling authentication request to identity provider.”


I am unable to find the link for Gwalior regionals where i can make the payment.Can u please help me by sharing the link here?

Thank You!!

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This is the link for acm-icpc Gwalior region -> icpc-iiitm.com

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My status is showing accepted now. Thanks to all who replied.

I am not able to login into my Baylor account. Someone getting same Problem??


Bro i wrote about it earlier also, It is a bug and when it comes, It comes for everyone , So don;'t worry . Keep calm it will work after a while soon

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Is there any online portal for payment of Gwalior-Pune Region except NEFT??

No bro i paid through phonepe :smiley::smiley: by clicking on UPI and filling all their bank details . And got the utr no. which i filled in their form and its accepted.

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What is the Attachment section after Billing in My teams on the ICPC site ?
Do we have to upload any form on that ?
Though I filled the form which was on Gwalior ICPC website asking about payment details. I paid the fees on 25th sept , But still the status is showing Pending.

I paid on 24th then it got accepted by today afternoon. So you should wait 1 or 2 more days i think.

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Pay the registration fees of INR 900 only through NEFT to the following Account: Account Holder’s Name: "ACM-ICPC, Gwalior " ; Account Number: “946210110002277”; IFSC : “BKID0009462” ; Bank Name: “Bank of India, IIITM Campus Gwalior”.
where to get bank details for upi, I got this on icpc baylor site.
instead of upi they say for NEFT.

This is the bank details bro

There is an option in upi payment in which either u can write the upi id of the reciever or his all bank details, So you have all just send it.