ICPC Kanpur expected ranklist

The ranklist for ICPC Kanpur qualifier has been created taking top 15 teams and then top teams from each college. Thanks @rishiraj22 for his code. It was also mentioned about 2 girls only teams but since I have no idea of the team compositions, ignoring that fact here.



Same data visualised as spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KTrlmsebPCpGZUvMIuocpzfYrACoRstTeH8Wrbq8AQc/edit?usp=sharing


Can you please provide for Gwalior regionals also?

The ranks seem a bit off. Is it old?

Just realised that two teams might have exact same name. My code treats them as same

This doesn’t include my team with rank 39

Fixed that! When I was skipping for top 15, I skipped top 15 two times.

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National rank displayed is not correct

My team rank is 199 and 1st in college what is the chance for qualify?

The national rank is outdated. Update it with the released rank list.

Fixed national rank

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Perfect, thanks a lot!

Might be someone else from your college who had better rank than yours and had kanpur as a region got selected .

While comparing my generated data with yours, I think there might be an issue in your generated data. For IIT Varanasi, Tenki_no_code and Catalans are neither in top 15. But, they are both included in your list.

Ya saw that! It’s because the source contains two different names for IIT varanasi. Will fix it. And what about the all girls exclusive teams. Are there any?

No idea. Anyway a fluctuation more than ±2 is expected, due to plagiarism, and/or SUMOR problem

My team ranked 46 doesn’t seem to be featured in the list.

Codechef has your team listed as can_we_do_it_better

ICPC Baylor website has it listed as Can_we_do_it_better

Team One Last Time from Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology has not registered for Kanpur regionals…!