ICPC Kanpur Onsite team status

Did anyone who have already paid for the kanpur on site round get their team status as accepted. Paid 2 days before. But still pending : - (

Not for me : - (
Btw did anyone get a mail or something for gwalior site?

@codenameghost There is a team from my college for Gwalior and they haven’t got anything yet : - !

Oh thanks for informing

Anyone got it accepted on Baylor yet?

nope, though i only made payment yesterday only.
And btw did you get any confirmation mail after filling the form ?

Nope nothing. I mailed them this morning but no response yet.

I see…
I will also mail them tomorrow if still if status is still not accepted

Guess we all should mail, dunno if our slot gets sent to some other team :cold_sweat:

Already mailed …
Though i guess, verifying data from the google form will take some time ( as they will have to check the payment status from screenshot manually ) . Hopefully they will do it by tomorrow.

Did you receive any updates regarding your team status?? I had filled the Google form on 4 Nov yet the status is still pending.

They are announcing updates for waitlisted teams on 10th. So should be done by then. Though update here if you get your team accepted!!

do you guys have any update regarding the teams in the waitlist?

Just received a reply form RCD Kanpur. The status would be updated by 11 Nov.
PS: my team got accepted.

My team got accepted too. Whew! Meet you all on 30th!

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