ICPC Kharagpur ranklist of teams from unique colleges

This is list of teams from unique colleges qualifying for Kharagpur regionals. Top 60 will qualify as per codechef webpage.


Is plagiarism and other factors considered in this ranklist?

Only top 60 teams are qualified?

When do we get email for regionals ?

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how authentic is this, I believe names are missing.

If 2 teams have same name, then one of them might be missing. I will try to fix that bug

Is there any chance of increasing number of seats by 40 in Kharagpur region?

No. I can assume they can increase by 5-10 seats in the worst case, but no way 40.

When will the actual results be released?

On the kharagpur website it is given 70 seats.

The updated one has mistakes please check

Is there any chance of increment in the selection cap of 1 per college? :(:pensive:

Read point 3.
Kharagpur Criteria.



Damn! That’s pretty far from happening!

from where you got the list of student for a particular regional and their standings

Great work Sir well done!