ICPC Kharagpur Registration HELP

Can we send the screenshot of the Online NEFT where only Transaction ID , date of transcaction is given as the reciept of the payment in mail.

PS:- I have sent it few days ago but it haven’t been accepted nor recieved any email of the reciept being INVALID. Tomorrow is the last date of payment is there anything i can do??

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If you did everything right then don’t worry. Sit back and relax!

Mine was accepted after 8 days. They will do it eventually.

I send the scanned image of the slip provided to me by the bank.
Also, you need to be a little patient as well because they do take a lot of time for accepting.
I paid on 25th September and the status got accepted on 2nd or 3rd October.

I hope you also registered for other regionals as well to be on the safe side.

It got accepted… All good now